Two more Portuguese productions in the program of the Berlin Festival

The Portuguese productions ‘Fordlandia Malaise’ by Susana Sousa Dias and ‘A Story from Africa’ by Billy Woodberry, will be shown at the 69th edition of the Berlin Film Festival, within the framework of the parallel program Forum, was announced today.

‘Forlandia Malaise’ and ‘A Story From Africa’ are included in the list of 30 films, including feature films and feature films, of the Forum Expanded: ANTIKINO (The Siren’s Echo Chamber), which is currently on the festival’s official website German from 7 to 17 February.

“The 14th Forum Expanded shows 30 short films and feature films, 17 installations and a performance that point to life outside the circle where we are, not just in social networks,” reads the festival website.

In the framework of the Forum’s parallel program, the films ‘A portuguesa‘ by Rita Azevedo Gomes and ‘Serpentário’ by Carlos Conceição will also be screened.

In competition, will be the short film ‘Past Perfect‘ by Jorge Jácome, who will have its world premiere at the festival.

The film will be in competition for the Golden Bear of best short film, an award awarded in 2012 to João Salaviza, in 2016 to Leonor Teles and, in 2017, to Diogo Costa Amarante.

This year, the jury of the Berlin Film Festival will be presided by the French actress Juliette Binoche.

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