Two Portuguese filmmakers produced an independent film in the USA

After making an independent film in the United States and after the film’s premiere in New York on April 19, two young Portuguese filmmakers like “doing the work of 30 people.

Tiago Durão and Sofia Mirpuri, two young Portuguese filmmakers living in the United States, spoke about the most recent film, which premiered in New York on April 19, in Portugal and in the United States. which are now looking for commercial distribution in Portugal.

The film “Tales From The Rabbit Hole: A Curious Kitsch Novel,” by director Tiago Durão and executive producer Sofia Mirpuri, follows for presentations at film festivals, the first of which the Manhattan Rep’s Stories Film Festival in New York, from the 15th to the 19th of May.

The two filmmakers said that the film’s April 19 debut at the Robin Williams Foundation of the SAG-AFTRA Foundation left them happy with the outcome of all the work and concluded that “the film turned out better on the big screen than in the small screen “of the computer where they did the editing.

Tiago Durão and Sofia Mirpuri assumed all the functions and responsibilities for the production of the film, which lasted about a year and a half to be realized, and involved about 18 thousand dollars (16 thousand euros).

Between scriptwriting, production, wardrobe, recording, editing, post-editing and also communication and marketing, they understood that “doing the work of 30 people is work“, as summarized in an interview.

They did everything in their own name because they maintain that there is no one better to execute and produce the film they wanted to get than they themselves: “We are the best people to be able to achieve what we want to do,” said Sofia Mirpuri.

Tiago Durão added: “In a film of mine there is only one director, it’s me. Sofia has a preponderant role in these directions because before I give the directions, they are discussed.

The story that was to be the basis for this film was written about five years ago, in 2014, in Portugal, between Tiago Durão, André Tavares and António Rodrigues, with ideas for different formats that did not come to fruition.

The film did not advance in Portugal because, according to the director Tiago Durão, “it is very difficult to gather 40 or 50 people around a production” when it is an independent film, in which most of the involved work in other main jobs.

In the career of Tiago Durão, several projects have been carried out since then, such as the short film “Entre Nós“, “God Ex Machina” and also the move to New York.

It was there, about two years ago, that Sofia Mirpuri came on the scene while studying at the Atlantic Acting School film school.

The authors define the feature film “Tales from the Rabbit Hole: A Curious Kitsch Novel” as a satirical drama, but they explain that there are moments of comedy, moments of philosophical reflections or ramblings and in constant reference to other works of cinema and theatre.

The director, Tiago Durão, intends to always maintain a principle of choosing only professional actors for all roles, which in part means a strong bet on young actors who are also beginning their career.

In the experience with “Tales From The Rabbit Hole: A Curious Kitsch Novel,” the director was struck by the actors’ ability to improvise and make comedy in a script that was written “inflexible” for the drama.

When the actors read that, they start giving comedic times – because they knew how to do comedy, which I do not know how to do. And at a certain point, that’s a snowball,” said Tiago Durão.

Sofia Mirpuri learned from the process that when someone produces a film, she creates five different films: “What you imagine, what you write, what you shoot, what you edit and what you see. In fact, James used to use me to say that.

Actress of the profession, Sofia Mirpuri had with this film its first experience in the production and said that it gained the taste and intends to continue in the United States, to create own projects.

Although I have said many times ‘I never do such a thing’ – in those moments when things do not go so well and have said ‘no, I am an actress’ – now that we have finished and I know how it is, I have gained the taste, “said Sofia Mirpuri.

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