U.M.I Presents Free Tasting Menu

Starting this week, the U.M.I Japanese cuisine restaurant, recently opened in Parque das Nações, surprises by presenting the Free Tasting Menu, with unique delicacies characteristic of oriental culture.

This Free Tasting Menu promises to surprise and set you apart from the traditional “All You Can Eat” concept. At U.M.I, customers will have the opportunity to experience excellent quality sushi at a competitive price without discouraging the restaurant’s essence and concept. Chef José Alves comes to the table with a selection of freshly made sushi pieces to ensure freshness, authenticity and quality in all products.

In this Menu option, you can choose an entry between Gyozas, Soup Miso or Ajitataki. Subsequently, several pieces are served between the freshest Sushi and Sashimi. Prices range from € 14.50 for lunch to € 19.50 for dinner.

Not to be forgotten is also the heyday of U.M.I, the Special Menu. Served at three distinct times, this option promises to be unique in the world of Japanese cuisine, combining traditional flavors with contemporary and innovative style, overcoming the sushi barrier. After a careful selection of the fish, with the help of the Chef, between the golden, snapper or sea bass, follows the first moment, where selected fish comes to the whole table and sliced ​​in Sashimi. Then returns to the kitchen where the scales and pimples are fried and then served in the second moment, the Pimple Tempura and tentsuy sauce. While enjoying this rare delicacy, the fish’s head is being steamed with sake, which is served on the third and final moment of this tasting menu. Here the experience is absolutely engaging and inspiring.

To accompany each meal, U.M.I offers a selection of Japanese beers and sakes, as well as the diversity of house teas, including Sakura, made from the Japanese cherry blossom.

U.M.I belongs to the SUPERFOOD group, owner of the Forneria – Italiano and M.A.R – Seafood restaurants, also located in Parque das Nações. The Japanese restaurant is the third and newest establishment opened by the group.

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