Uber collaborates with the Red Cross with travel offer to support vaccination

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Uber collaborates with the Red Cross with travel offer to support vaccination of security forces in Portugal

Uber will collaborate with the Red Cross on the vaccination plan for security agents in Portugal. The partnership includes the offer of about 20,000 trips for the Red Cross teams to travel to vaccinate the elements that every day help save lives and support in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic: Public Security Police (PSP) and National Guard Republican (GNR). This offer is funded by Uber, ensuring that any trip is made with partner drivers.

The Red Cross was requested to support the anti-Covid-19 vaccination of agents of the Public Security Police (PSP) and military personnel of the National Republican Guard (GNR). This action includes the creation of three vaccination posts, namely, in Lisbon, Porto and Faro and results from a partnership with the Ministry of Health that will facilitate access to the national vaccination platform. The necessary preparatory work to carry out this response has already started, in conjunction with the respective departments of PSP and GNR.

“We are very proud to support the financing of 20,000 trips to the Red Cross, which has a fundamental role in supporting the vaccination process. We want to put our technology at the service of the community at a time when travel safety is so important.”, Says Manuel Pina, General Manager of Uber in Portugal.

According to Susana Marques, Secretary-General of the Portuguese Red Cross, “This partnership is unique in its concept and extremely important for CVP. We started, about a week ago, the first phase of vaccination to the Security Forces and one of the most felt difficulties is the difficulty of moving our teams. With the support of Uber, the continuity of CVP’s ​​work in the field of vaccination will be facilitated and will allow us to reach faster and safer where we are really needed”.

The mobility partnership between Uber and the Red Cross in support of the security forces’ vaccination plan is part of the travel platform’s global commitment to provide 10 million free or discounted travel to help ensure that transportation does not be a barrier to vaccine application.

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