UCCLA launches book by 75 authors about the culture dureing the pandemic

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There are about 40 writers and 35 writers, born in Portuguese-speaking countries, in addition to writers from Galicia and Olivença/Spain, Goa/India, and Macau/China.

The work counts on the contributions of authors who have won the Camões Prize, such as Manuel Alegre, Mia Couto, and Germano Almeida, but also by writers who are asserting themselves in the field of letters.

The work, edited and coordinated by UCCLA, will be distributed by Guerra e Paz, and is the result of a challenge launched by the organization to writers and cultural agents from all Portuguese speaking countries, to prepare a text (in prose or poetry) about it of the pandemic that is affecting the world in a traumatic way and, in a particularly profound way, the cultural sector.

The book by Portuguese-speaking writers, as well as support for the reopening of the Portuguese Language Museum, in São Paulo, are two of the initiatives that stand out in the plan of the thematic commission for the Promotion and Dissemination of the Portuguese Language of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP), presented on April 13 by Rui Lourido, the new coordinator of that committee.

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