UCCLA Literary Award

Applications for the 5th edition of the UCCLA Literary Prize, New Talents, New Works in Portuguese, will run until 31 January.

Applications from natural persons, of any nationality, fluent in the Portuguese language will be admitted. In the case of minors under 18, the award of prizes will be subject to the submission of a declaration of acceptance by the respective holders of parental authority.

Only works written in Portuguese, which have not been edited/published, on paper or in digital format and to which no prize has previously been awarded, can apply for this Prize.

The winner will be announced on May 5, on World Portuguese Language Day. The winning work will be on sale at the Lisbon Book Fair, which takes place in June this year and in bookstores in several cities.

The UCCLA Literary Prize, New Talents, New Works in the Portuguese Language aims to stimulate the production of literary works, in the fields of fiction prose (romance, novel, short story and chronicle) and poetry, in Portuguese, by new talent writers.

According to UCCLA, since the first edition, this award has consolidated itself as the largest, in terms of candidacy for the competition, of the literary revelation of the entire Portuguese language space.

UCCLA received 779 candidate works, in the 4th edition. UCCLA warns that they have already received applications from Asia (Macau, Japan and Australia), Africa (South Africa), America (Canada, USA, Chile, Paraguay) and Europe (Spain, Italy, France, Germany, England and Switzerland).

Brazil is the country with the highest number of applications. In the last edition, 540 candidates, followed by Portugal (156). 31% are women and 56% are young, but we also had 6 applications between the ages of 81 and 90.

For the first time, the 2019 jury includes in its composition writers from all Portuguese-speaking countries: António Carlos Secchin, Brazil; Germano Almeida, Cape Verde; Innocence Mata, São Tomé and Príncipe; Isabel Pires from Lima, Portugal; José Luís Mendonça, Angola; José Pires Laranjeira, Portugal; Luís Carlos Patraquim, Mozambique, Luís Costa, Timor, Tony Tcheka, Guinea Bissau, and Rui Lourido from UCCLA.

This award is a joint initiative of UCCLA, Editora A Bela and Monstro e Movimento 2014, which has the support of the Lisbon City Council.

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