UGURU brings references from European electronics to Portugal: Rapossa

The DJ and producer will set up his natural habitat in Lisbon and bring a vibrant sound ecosystem full of love and life. Music written with soul in which each track is the fingerprint of the musician’s own state of mind.
Live, there is always something new – improvisation in sound and style. Analog synths and guitar chords – the ideal combination for the best vibe.  Rapossa will perform at the Higher Ground, in Lisbon, a memorable show with around two hours of authentic music.

Rapossa began his career in 2017 and is considered one of the most recognized performers in dance music. The musician no longer goes unnoticed in the world of clubs, festivals and the rhythms of world dance music.

A multigenre artist, his sound is unmistakable, the mark of a musician with style, unique sounds and reminiscences of different eras, managing to establish his own sonic identity.

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