UHF band celebrates 40 years with two concerts and the edition of three albums

The UHF rock band, led by António Ribeiro, is celebrating 40 years with two shows in Lisbon and Oporto in December, and the CD edition this month of three albums so far only available on vinyl.

On December 22, UHF performs at the Aula Magna of the University of Lisbon, and on December 29 at the Casa da Música in Porto. In these two concerts are invited Ana Bacalhau, Frankie Chavez and The Legendary Tiger Man.

Before these two shows, on the 16th, the UHF will appear on stage at Teatro Avenida, in Castelo Branco, with no special guests.

In addition to António Manuel Ribeiro (voice and guitar), they currently constitute the UHF, António Côrte-Real (guitar), Ivan Cristiano (drums), Luís Simões (bass), Fernando Rodrigues (keys), “the most consistent and band, “said António Manuel Ribeiro.

One of the three CDs to be edited is’ Persona Non Grata ‘, 1982 album, with the themes’ Voo para a Venezuela’, ‘Um Mau Rapaz’ and ‘End of Life’, among others, and the bonus track ‘Amigos Hasta Logo ‘, originally released on the B side of the single’ Um Mau Rapaz ‘.

The album ‘Ares e Bares de Fronteira’ (‘Ares e Bares de Fronteira’) (1989), whose CD includes ‘Chris’ bonus tracks, originally appeared on the B side of the single from the Orfeu label (SINP 5), dated 1983, and still ‘You Put the Devil in Me’ and ‘De Um Homem’, themes edited in a single Orfeu (SINP 19), 1984.

The set of three albums is complete with ‘Ao Vivo em Almada. In Game of the Night ‘(1985), “the first live album of Portuguese rock”, said António Manuel Ribeiro. The CD includes as a bonus track ‘Kaleidoscope Boy’.

This album, which the musician described as “charismatic” and “pioneer”, was recorded at the Cultural Center of Alfeite, naval base in Almada, where the band rehearsed.

On the edition of the three CDs, António Manuel Ribeiro told that it was his first celebration of the band’s 40th birthday and that he felt “more moved than if he had put out an album of originals”.

These three albums on vinyl were edited by the record label Radio Triunfo / Orfeu that, “however, disappeared”. “No one knows where the label is, there’s no communication, no new records, and there’s nothing.”

The Long Play (LP), now released on CD, is over 30 years old, and António Manuel Ribeiro decided to advance to a CD edition, after having read the contract he signed with the label Radio Triunfo, which he later acquired to Orpheus.

“I decided to do an edition, safeguarding the rights [copyright and related] of those who present them, because in the background I made a contract with Radio Triunfo, that today I do not know who is its holder, and if there is anybody legally, its holder, “said the musician who stressed the” huge loss “that represented this” absence “of the albums in the market.

The record label Rádio Triunfo and the label Orfeu, whose estate includes names like José Afonso, Adriano Correia de Oliveira and Sérgio Godinho, among others, were acquired in 1979 by Movieplay Portuguesa.

The UHF began editing on Radio Triunfo / Orfeu from 1982 when they left Valentim de Carvalho, and Ribeiro described it as “the summer of the ‘PREC’ of the UHF.”

Referring to the edition of the three CDs, from discs originally edited by Radio Triunfo / Orfeu, António Manuel Ribeiro said: “At this moment we are making history”.

“This is a case of damage to the cultural heritage and it harms the ability of the artist and the author to be able to carry out his work and sell it.” He has no justification and tried everything. 2011, I sent a registered letter and no one answered me, so it’s over. ”

“I assume everything, it’s not the UHF, it’s me, safeguarding the copyright, the artists. And whoever appears as legal contract holder [signed between the UHF and the label] will have to negotiate with me, give me money, “he challenged.

Referring to the anniversary, and projecting the new album of UHF originals, António Manuel Ribeiro, described the artistic journey as “a life of surrender, a cause a way of life.”

“It was obvious that we wanted to buy a guitar, give a show, record a record, but it was very close dreams, and I never thought it could last ten years, forty more, “he said.

For the musician, the career was made, “living, understanding the country, living within this country and with convictions”.

About the band’s longevity and successes, such as ‘Rua do Carmo’, ‘Race Horses’ or ‘Kill Me with Your Eyes’, the musician said that it is due to the fact that “he had the best worldwide writing, namely the authors of the intervention song “

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