Last week of the Almada Festival not to be missed

The Almada Festival has entered its last week but there are still many shows, colloquiums, and exhibitions you can attend.

This past week you can still watch “Um gajo nunca mais é a mesma coisa“, (CTA’s premiere show) until the 25th, at the TMJB Experimental Room, and “Discurso sobre o filho-da-puta“, (Teatro da Rainha) until the 23rd, at the Teatro-Estúdio António Assunção.

Enter the scene this week the Belgians, Needcompany, with the great actress Viviane de Muynck who brings us “Molly Bloom“, (last chapter of Ulysses, by James Joyce) until the 25th, at the Incrível Almadense Ballroom.

In the Cine-Teatro of Academia Almadense you can see “Miguel Molina al desnudo“, by the Spanish company Lazona from 21 to 25 (the life of the mythical flamenco genius Miguel Molina, 1908-1993).

Teatro do Vestido presents at Forum Romeu Correia, from 22 to 25, “Viagem a Portugal“, text and direction by Joana Craveiro (a theater with a strong investigative and documental aspect).

Still at the Almada Festival, in the Main Room of TMJB, from 23 to 25, you can see Alfred de Musset’s “Lorenzaccio“, staged by the highly awarded, recently nominated for the Golden Globes, Rogério de Carvalho. (A show about a city, a collective being made of countless voices, a human community that political corruption destroys and divides).

On Sunday, the 25th, the last day of the Almada Festival, just before the show “Lorenzaccio”, at 7 pm, we will find out who the winners of the Carlos Porto Journalism Awards are, regarding articles published about last year’s Festival. And, in the end, what will be next year’s Honor Show, as a result of public voting

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