“Último Poema” is el Sur’s debut single

“Último Poema” Is the single from el Sur that anticipates the album “Todas as Sombras” (and it’s a Christmas song, let’s say, according to Eugénio de Andrade)

El Sur are a group from Lisbon formed by Rui Galveias on guitar, Joana Manuel on voice, Rui Alves on drums, Tiago Néo on bass and João Cardoso on synthesizers.

And “Último Poema” is their debut single, composed by them about a poem by Eugénio de Andrade. A dark poem haunted by past Christmas spirits, where only a few carnations and a lonely diaspiro shine. In the El Sur there are – at least not yet – love poems; rather a desperate song.

The single “Último Poema” will be digitally released soon, now the youtube comes the homonymous music video, with production, editing and original idea of el Sur and starring the members of the group.

El Sur’s album “Todas as Sombras” is due for release in early 2020.

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