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One of the biggest festivals in the north is back, and in a big way

Meo Marés Vivas

Meo Marés Vivas returned with 35 artists, with great concerts, a new venue, and lots of joy.

The MEO Marés Vivas festival is back, with big names, Anitta, James, Maluma, and Bryan Adams, with a new, bigger venue, with more capacity, and lots of shade, which came in very handy on hot days.

Miguel Araújo > Meo Marés Vivas – V. N. Gaia ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews< 2022.07.15

Vila Nova de Gaia received, between Friday and Sunday, more than 35 bands between national and foreign artists, after two years without a festival due to the pandemic. After two years in the former Seca do Bacalhau, this year it moved to the former Madalena campsite.

Meo Marés Vivas – V. N. Gaia ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews< 2022.07.15

The Festival opened with sold-out tickets for the three days of the festival, 30 thousand people a day, which was especially seen in the concerts of the stars who came to Mares Vivas.

On the Samba Stage, with special participation by Moacir Luz on the first day, the Samba Social Orchestra opens to the sound of ‘Vida da Minha Vida‘. There were many moments to laugh at the RTP Comédia Stage, which opened the first day with Inês Coimbra and João Faquir, João Dantas and Mónica Vale Gato. Rádio Comercial, one of the sponsors of the Festival, with its morning team also shining, with the live premiere of the new Festival Anthem.

James > Meo Marés Vivas – V. N. Gaia ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews< 2022.07.15

With a very consistent lineup, with national and foreign names, it was easy to please the public that was present in Gaia, Dino D’Santiago and Jessie J., James, Fer Lemos, Miguel Araújo, Máximo Park, Bárbara Tinoco, Maro, Vitão, DJ Perez, Beatriz Rosário, Rita Laranjeira, Diogo Piçarra, The K’s among others.

Brian Adams > Meo Marés Vivas – V. N. Gaia ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews< 2022.07.15

But of course, Brian Adams, Anitta, and Maluma were the stars of the three days of concerts, and they did not disappoint, great concerts, with the main stage packed with the public.


July 15th

  • Bryan Adams
  • Miguel Araújo
  • Máximo Park
  • James
  • The K´s
  • Mónica Vale de Gato
  • João Dantas
  • João Faquire
  • Inês Coimbra
  • Lhast
  • Domingues
  • Dj Oder
  • Orquestra Bamba Social – roda de samba & Moacyr Luz

July 16th

  • Bárbara Tinoco
  • Dino D’Santiago
  • Maluma
  • Rita Rocha
  • Fernando Lemos
  • Victor Sarro
  • Adriano Moura
  • JP Ramos
  • Laura
  • Rita Laranjeira
  • Vitão
  • Smash by Tentugal
  • Orquestra Bamba Social – roda de samba

July 16th

  • Anitta
  • Jessie J
  • Diogo Piçarra
  • Maro
  • Guilherme Duarte feat Gandim
  • Vitor Sá
  • João “Bot” Moreira
  • Zé Pedro Rodrigues
  • Beatriz Rosário
  • Lon3r Johny
  • Dj Perez
  • Orquestra Bamba Social – roda de samba

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