A festival in Contraciclo: Walk&Art Fest returns to Barão de São João

From November 5th to 7th, the village of Barão de São João, in the municipality of Lagos, is once again the stage for a festival that unites walks with art. The program includes activities for all ages. This year, the artists participating in the event propose an installation with the theme ‘Contraciclo’.

The festival, now in its 4th edition, is organized by the Municipality of Lagos and the Almargem Association and has the mobilization of the local artistic community. Barão de São João is a village known for its intense artistic life, the result of the active participation of the community of Portuguese and international creators who settled there over the years.

They are the authors of “Contraciclo”, a collective exhibition of 12 works, installed on a route that passes through the village and the forest of Barão de São João. cozy village atmosphere.

The theme “Contraciclo” appears as an active response to the moment we are going through. After the trial by fire that we were all subjected to with the pandemic, it is time to question whether the return to the so-called “pre-Covid normality”, which we have been eagerly awaiting, should not be an opportunity to break the cycle of ideas and behavior that led us until now and that have degraded our common home – the Earth. This year’s art installation encourages visitors to reflect on what each of us can change and, above all, to act accordingly.

It is also the artists who propose and promote many of the festival’s activities, all of which are free and subject to registration. Visitors can experiment with artistic techniques (photography, painting, among others), enjoy wellness practices (dance, music, luohan qigong (chi ckung), tai chi, tai ji quan, meditation) and participate in environmental education activities , designed for families (tale hours, paintings with earth, treasure hunting, discovering the forest).

For those looking for physical activity combined with the discovery of nature, the festival proposes hikes, some of them themed (biodiversity, geodiversity and heritage), and mountain biking tours.

On Saturday, the highlight is the concert by Tiago Saga – Portuguese-British musician living in Brighton, lead singer of Time for T, here in a more intimate version.

In total, the festival has 41 walks, 4 mountain biking routes, 15 activities for children, 9 wellness activities, 4 workshops and a concert.

The event will once again count on several partnerships, such as tourist entertainment companies and official entities that will promote many of these activities. The Barão de São João Cultural Center is once again the venue for the festival.

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