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A fantastic night in which Syro presented 11 11

Teatro Tivoli BBVA

A fantastic night was what Syro gave to a room full of fans, who were at Tivoli to hear and see him present his new work 11 11.

The album 11 11, which features 22 tracks, of great consistency and beauty, is a painful work, due to the work required and Syro’s stage of life, perhaps that’s why the music touches us, with more intensity.

Syro < 2024.02.03 < Teatro Tivoli BBVA ©Luís M. Serrão | ineews

It was with “Fruto Karma” followed by “Podia Jurar” and “Acordar” that Syro opened the concert, with a wide smile and contagious friendliness, he won over the audience throughout the concert, who accompanied him, singing and dancing, even if sitting, and applauding the singer.

On stage Syro received Murta with whom he sang “Deixa a Luz Acesa”, with  L-Ali he sang “Maré”, but he also received Bispo for the theme “Brutos Diamantes” and for one of the most beautiful moments, Mariana Pacheco with whom he sang “Dor of Love.”

Syro < 2024.02.03 < Teatro Tivoli BBVA ©Luís M. Serrão | ineews

At Tivoli there was no shortage of “Cacau”, which Syro sings with Giulia Be and which is the opening of the soap opera with the same name, even though Giulia Be, who Syro has now revealed is just called Giulia, was only present on video, it was one of the most beautiful moments of the night.

Syro always maintained contact with the audience, passing through the Tivoli’s central corridor or even on stage, sitting on the stairs and not refusing to touch hands, which made the audience even happier, as could be seen on the faces of everyone watching.

Syro < 2024.02.03 < Teatro Tivoli BBVA ©Luís M. Serrão | ineews

With the concert coming to an end, it was with “Luzes na Estrada” and “Dor de Amar” that the concert ended, but of course, he had to return to the stage, the audience did not move, until Syro returned to the stage, to sing “Casa” and “Perto de Mim”, and many more songs, the public asked for, but they were promised for the next concert.

The show also had an excellent play of lights, smoke, and enough sparks, which gave even more beauty to an excellent concert signed by PG Booking and supported by RFM.

Syro < 2024.02.03 < Teatro Tivoli BBVA ©Luís M. Serrão | ineews

See here the photos of the Syro Concert at the Tivoli BBVA Theater


  • Intro
  • Fruto Karma
  • Podia Jurar
  • Acordar
  • Miles Davis
  • Deixa a Luz Acesa
  • Rio d’Água
  • Make
  • Where is my Money
  • Pessoa
  • Perto de Mim (Acústico)
  • Vai (Acústico)
  • A Vontade
  • Cacau
  • Chora Sangue
  • Brutos Diamantes
  • Amuleto
  • Luzes na Estrada (Só Bridge)
  • Dor de Amar


  • Casa
  • Perto de Mim
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