A restaurant with rooms above

Mama Shelter Lisboa

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Newly arrived in Lisbon, Mama Shelter brings its unique F&B offer in its luggage – a mix of different cuisines with comfort food and unforgettable drinks.

Inaugurated on the 12th of January, the first Mama Shelter unit in the Iberian Peninsula brought its unmistakable concept of hospitality to Lisbon. Between the unique comfort of the rooms and the extravagant design of the spaces, the heart of Mama Shelter Lisboa is, however, in the restaurant.

Created as a Portuguese reinterpretation of the typical French brasserie, the restaurant’s decor is full of elements of national culture. The ceiling features a vast design signed by Beniloys, an artist with a long collaboration with the brand Mama Shelter, which transports the client directly under the sea. The columns filled with Viúva Lamego tiles and the capitals decorated with fish and crustaceans in ceramic by Bordallo Pinheiro complete the atmosphere of the restaurant – a genuine tribute to Portuguese maritime history.

Like all other units in the group, all the tableware at Mama Shelter Lisboa – plates and cups – is produced in Portugal.

Designed for both hotel guests and any other visitor, Mama Shelter Lisboa’s F&B offer lives up to the title with which the brand’s founder, Serge Trigano, describes the new unit: “a restaurant with rooms above”.

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