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A Wine and a Love

Wine Concept celebrates Valentine's Day

Counting down to the most romantic day of the year, Wine Concept celebrates Valentine’s Day with 4 wine suggestions for all lovers.

Wherever you take your partner for lunch or dinner, on a romantic date for two, you can always find one of these options. The four suggestions that we present here come to us through the choices of four Wine Concept employees who chose “A Wine and a Love”!

“An infinite wine, just like the sea and love”

Bruno Llorente

This red from the Aragonês, Castelão, and Touriga Nacional grape varieties is Bruno’s choice.
Mar Salgado Red is a wine from the Lisbon region, with a garnet color and aroma of ripe blackberries. Structured and intense with a smooth aftertaste, it is a safe choice for strong and intense passions.

“A passionate wine that fully expresses the idyllic and romantic setting of Sintra”

Inês Begonha

It is in this way that Inês highlights her choice for Valentine’s Day. Infinitude Rosado goes especially well with grilled meats and vegetables, salads, charcuterie, and braised fish.
This wine is an original bet on a classic French variety – Merlot –, from the wine region of Lisbon and which, planted on a half-slope in clayey-limestone soils and about 5km from the Atlantic coast, gives it some body and in the mouth, it presents itself dry and fresh. It ends with salt and a spicy touch, slightly vegetal, giving it longevity in the mouth.

“Seductive and effervescent, as love should be”

Sebastião Mota Veiga

From Bairrada comes the Informal Sparkling Wine that Sebastião chose for this special day because it is seductive. This sparkling wine, which can be served as an aperitif or to accompany any meal, comes from the Baga variety, so characteristic of the Bairrada area, and bears the usual quality seal of Luis Pato.
The soil from which it comes (Vinha da Panasqueira) gives it a mineral character and the maturation of the grape, the delicacy and aroma of raspberries.

“An intense and discreet wine with a balance between acidity and sweetness, as well as love”

João Cortez

Tears of Anima, wine from the Setúbal Peninsula, is João’s choice. This Rosé, a Sangiovese mono variety, which goes perfectly with sushi and fish, is produced at Herdade de Portocarro. Close to the Atlantic, halfway between the Setúbal Peninsula and the Alentejo, José da Mota Capitão, owner and producer, is inspired by biodynamic viticulture and has been recovering extinct autochthonous varieties, at the same time proposing experiments with some of the varieties more classic, giving rise to unique, innovative wines full of personality.

About Wine Concept
W4U – Wine Concept S.A. born from an entrepreneurial dream, from a passion for nature and for what it freely offers, for the eternal taste of the wine world and the hard focus on the market, evident in all those involved in it. Wine Concept believes that Portugal was and continues to be a country of new discoveries, with great potential to broaden new and old horizons. A country of stories. A country of tributes.

The concept is nothing more than to honor in every way. Pay homage to the producers who produce the wine. Pay homage to the land that offers us with gratitude, the sustenance and pleasure of all. Honoring the entrepreneurs who take our brands beyond our borders, whether through a pleasant dinner in downtown Lisbon with clients from other worlds, or through export initiatives.
Wine Concept is more than a distributor. It is a business partner, an aggregator of ideas around wine, a link between production and the pleasure of enjoying a glass of wine. They personify the concept of homage and gratitude.


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