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A night full of emotion with the Titãs of Brazilian music

Altice Arena

Lisbon hosted the Titãs Encontro Tour concert, and as expected it was a night full of emotions, with the Altice Arena full to see the biggest Rock band in Brazil.

Portugal has one of the largest communities of Brazilians in Europe, and the room was filled with compatriots to see them, remember their songs and feel all the emotion of singing their songs live with them.

Titãs < Altice Arena < 2023.11.03 ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

And on a night that was a party, with fans singing and dancing with the band to all their songs, knowing all the lyrics, they gave the concert a special shine.

And the Titãs did not disappoint, of course, even if they were a few years older, they were brilliant on stage, they danced, sang, moved, played and enchanted with their songs, never stopping moving on stage and with a constant alternation of vocalists, the concert There are never any moments that stand still, being a live concert from start to finish.

Titãs < Altice Arena < 2023.11.03 ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

Arnaldo Antunes announced that Branco Mello would not be able to sing at the concert in Lisbon, due to a recent surgery, but would participate, playing bass, and the public received him with a huge ovation when he entered the stage.

Another moving moment was the presence of the daughter of the deceased guitarist, Marcelo Fromer, Alice Fromer, to sing the songs “Toda Cor” and “Não Me Vou Adaptar”.

Sérgio Britto, Paulo Miklos, Arnaldo Antunes and Nando Reis, gave everything on stage, further exciting the fans who were at Altice, in a concert that we can divide into three parts, the first more punk/rock, the second more acoustic, with several acoustic guitars lined up side by side.

Titãs < Altice Arena < 2023.11.03 ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

In the third we had a small tribute to Xutos and especially to Zé Pedro, with “Casinha”, with the concert coming to an end, it was with “Porrada”, “Polícia”, “AA UU” and “Bichos Escrotos” already in total apotheosis that They intended to say goodbye, but of course the public didn’t let them, back on stage they sang “Miséria”, “Marvin” and “Sonífero Ilha”, the band’s first major song.

Two fantastic hours, from a super band, in a concert signed by VIBES AND BEATS.

See all the photos from the concert here

Titãs < Altice Arena < 2023.11.03 ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews


Set 1:

2. “Lugar nenhum”
3. “Desordem”
4. “Tô cansado”
5. “Igreja”
6. “Homem primata”
7. “Estado violência”
8. “O pulso”
9. “Comida”
10. “Jesus não tem dentes no país dos banguelas”
11. “Nome aos bois”
12. “Eu não sei fazer música”
13. “Cabeça dinossauro”

Acoustic Set:

14. “Epitáfio”
15. “Os cegos do castelo”
16. “Pra dizer adeus”
17. “Toda cor” (+ Alice Fromer)
18. “Não vou me adaptar” (+ Alice Fromer)

Set 2:

19. “Família”
20. “Go Back”
21. “É preciso saber viver”
22. “32 dentes”
23. “Flores”
24. “Televisão”
25. “Porrada”
26. “Polícia”
27. “AA UU”
28. “Bichos escrotos”


29. “Miséria”
30. “Marvin”
31. “Sonífera ilha”

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