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A night full of New Love (Novo Amor)

Lisboa ao Vivo

There John Meredith-Lacey took New Love (Novo Amor) to LAV, a musical project born in 2012, after going through a difficult separation and finding a new love in music, to which he gave the most beautiful name, in the language of Camões, Novo Amor.

Novo Amor returned to the Portuguese stages, and Lisboa ao Vivo was the stage for the reunion with the many Portuguese fans who sold out the Lisbon venue, Ali Lacey who started this project after a painful separation, and gave a Portuguese name, didn’t know why, Birthplace, is debut album, was the first chapter of this love story, followed by Cannot Be, Whatsoever from 2020, songs where sadness, hope and silent longings are felt in each verse.

novoamor 20240504 lav©luismserrao ineews s 5101
Novo Amor < 2024.05.04 < LAV ©Luís M. Serrão <@luisfmserrao

After being on an expedition with Greenpeace in Antarctica in 2022, to investigate the impacts of the climate crisis on penguin populations in Antarctica, comes Antarctican Dream Machine – a fully instrumental album composed of 10 songs inspired by the journey and the sounds of the Arctic.

Novo Amor has a large phalanx of Portuguese support, with fans who know his music, and who cherished him from the first minute of the concert at LAV, perhaps the choice of the Portuguese name had an influence, or the more sad and nostalgic themes have a lot of Portuguese feeling.

novoamor 20240504 lav©luismserrao ineews s 6015
Novo Amor < 2024.05.04 < LAV ©Luís M. Serrão <@luisfmserrao

A signature night of Everything is New, filled the hearts and souls of everyone who got a ticket for this concert.

See photos from the Novo Amor concert at LAV here

novoamor 20240504 lav©luismserrao ineews s 6058
Novo Amor < 2024.05.04 < LAV ©Luís M. Serrão <@luisfmserrao

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