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A Dream Night, with Michael Bublé

Altice Arena

It was with ‘Im Feeling Good’ that the Canadian artist Michael Bublé started the extra concert of his 6th world tour ‘An Evening with Michael Bublé’, on January 27, 2023. ‘Haven’t Met You Yet’, ‘My Funny Valentine’ and ‘I Only Have Eyes for You’.

Altice Arena completely sold out to hear what is considered one of the best romantic singers of our time, on a night with lots of light, sound, and color, all contributing to the magnificent night that was predicted.

Michael Bublé > Altice Arena ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2023.01.27

The singer tells us that ‘I am very happy to be here. It doesn’t even feel like I’m working, it feels like a paid vacation, Portugal is a beautiful country, with many tourists. It’s been a long way here, the world has gone crazy. I dreamed so many times of the public returning to concerts.’, and adds that ‘this will not be a show, it will be a party, where we will be able to sing and dance. You will sing with me like it’s Karaoke’, we also heard ‘L.O.V.E.’, ‘Sway’, ‘Fly Me to the Moon’,

Michael Bublé is also a composer, at the age of 18 he wrote ‘Home’ when he sang it to the public, the artist says that in Lisbon, he arrived at his home, and received a huge ovation from the public.

The singer is very extroverted, very charismatic, has a wonderful sense of humor, which captivates the audience, and does not hesitate to leave the stage and go sing with his audience.

Michael Bublé > Altice Arena ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2023.01.27

Bublé tells us that he ‘came to sing sexy music and that’s why there will be couples more in love with each other’.

She turns out to be an Elvis Presley fan and offers us a medley of his songs, starting with ‘One Night with You’ and ending with ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love with You’. The BeeGees sing ‘To Love Somebody’, ‘Hold On’ follows, ‘I’ll Never not Love you’.

With just Piano and voice, she offers us ‘Smile’, which she says is ‘a song for this time in life, for those facing so many difficulties. ‘Fever’ by Aretha Franklin, followed by ‘It’s a Beautiful Day’, ‘Cry Me a River’, ‘To Be Loved’, and ‘Save the Last Dance for Me’.

Michael Bublé > Altice Arena ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2023.01.27

In the end, Michael says that ‘the night was not a surprise, you (audience) spoil the artist, Thanks everyone for being there declaring that ‘It was not a surprise, you spoil the artist, thank you for coming.

It ends with ‘Always on My Mind’, a song also by Elvis Presley, dedicated to his wife, Priscila, with whom Michael is a great friend.

It was an excellent concert, a journey through time, to the greatest romantic songs and singers of all time. A winning bet from the promoter ‘Ritmos e Blues’.


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