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A perfect night, a special dinner

in one of the most traditional neighborhoods of Lisbon, Alfama

It was in an extremely welcoming environment that we were received at Audrey’s Bistrô, for a special dinner, tasting a four-hand menu, prepared by Chef Thiago César and Chef Inga Martin.

To open your appetite, an ‘Old Fashion’ and a pear-mango ‘Cocktail’ prepared by Bruno, the Bartender, welcoming and conversational, explained how they were made while we waited for our table.

Already at the tables, Chef Inga Martin offered us to taste an Amuse Bouche consisting of ‘Tártaro de Vilho and Crispy Alga Nori’, which opened our palates to what would become an explosion of smells, flavors, and textures, prepared by both Chefs, we talk about ‘Scallops with Celery and Sage Purée’, ‘Cod on Pumpkin Purée and Roasted Chives’ and ‘Ribeye steak and Carrot and Turmeric Cream with Mascarpone Sauce’, all washed down with exceptional red and white wines, from ‘Martin Boutiques Wines’.

This four-hand tasting came to an end with a delicious dessert ‘Pineapple at low temperature with a coconut twist’, which left our mouths watering and sighing for more.

As for Audrey’s Bistrô, it is part of a 5-star hotel, located in the traditional parish of Alfama, the Hotel Santiago-Alfama.

A Hotel and a Bistro, as already mentioned, with a family atmosphere, everything is prepared and achieved so that the guest feels at home and fully enjoys its offers.

We spoke with Manuel, the person in charge of the Hotel, who told us that he and his wife bought that old, traditional building with beautiful lines because it was a dream that his wife had.

Audrey’s Bistrô is named after their daughter, has a welcoming decor, and the photographs on display are by Manuel himself, who confesses that photography is one of his hobbies.

Here is the suggestion, if you visit the historic district of Alfama, go to Audrey’s Bistrô, located at Rua de São Vicente, n.º 14, in Lisbon, you will not regret it.

About Chef Thiago César

He attended the School of Hospitality and Tourism in Lisbon. From that period he keeps memories of enormous personal and professional growth, especially with the final phase of an internship at the Oitavos hotel.

After completing the course, Thiago César interned at the Ritz Four Seasons hotel in Lisbon and went on to the Marriott Hotel for 3 years, where he had the opportunity to create menus on a regular basis and which he considers one of the periods of greatest professional growth. The menus created were inspired by Portuguese cuisine, which also enhanced his knowledge of the country where he decided to live. He would have other professional experiences, such as at Sana Lisboa and Pateo Velho until he reached the kitchens of the Hotel Santiago de Alfama, namely Audrey’s, where he currently works.

About Chef Inga Martin

He entered, body and soul, the Lisbon School of Cooking and Hospitality, in Campo de Ourique.

He did an internship at the Hotel Vila Joya pastry shop, which he considers to have been an incredible and enriching experience, and has worked in several restaurants in the Algarve and in private catering services.

In Lisbon, she created “Cone à Portuguesa”, an innovative grab & go-food concept. From Lisbon, he traveled to Luanda, where he headed Champanheria Chill Out, awarded as the best restaurant of the year in 2015.

For love, he returned to Lisbon, where he continued his work as a chef, consultant for several restaurants, and food styling, activities that he embraces until today. She is an enterprising woman linked to Gastronomy and in the last year, she participated in several gastronomic events and was responsible for consulting the restaurant of the Ordem dos Médicos, in Porto.

The year 2022 marks a new stage in the career of Chef Inga Martin, who is currently the executive chef of the brand new Go A Lisboa, where we can find her creations inspired by her experience inside and outside Portugal, but also by her passion for food and ingredients. as well as traces of the history of Goan cuisine fused with modern Portuguese and international flavors.

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