“A Page of History”: Official Da Weasel Biography Released Today

Signed by Ana Ventura, “Uma Página da História” is published today, April 27th, the official biography of Da Weasel that results from a year of long conversations where all the current members of the band share their memories and some of the secrets which, until now, have never been revealed.

More than a book, this is a dive into a 30-year journey full of moments that marked the life of the collective but also the life of an entire generation.

The cover design, created by João Nobre, represents the starting point for this journey: from his training to the singles and albums released throughout his career, passing through the concerts that, even today, inhabit the imagination of those who had the opportunity to live them, never forgetting the “people” behind the microphones and instruments that tell everything in the first person – Carlos Nobre (Pacman/Carlão), João Nobre (Jay Jay Neige), Bruno Silva (Virgul), Pedro Quaresma (Quakas), Guilherme Silva (Guillaz) and Miguel Negretti (DJ Glue) are the true protagonists of this narrative.

“We have never, under any circumstances, opened the window of our den as deeply as we do now. Soon, a window on the cover, with a cutout of Doninha, seemed to me the most natural way to invite people to peek, to observe, to participate in the most intimate and reserved moments of our stories”, comments João Nobre about the book whose launch is scheduled for the end of this month.

To mark this release, during the months of May and June, Da Weasel gets together again, always side by side with the author Ana Ventura, to meet their fans and present “A Page of History”. Namely, in some FNAC stores and at the Lisbon Book Fair on the 6th of June, where they will be able to share their stories in the first person.


MAY 3rd – FNAC Colombo, Lisbon – 18:30
(with moderation by Ricardo Farinha)

MAY 5 – FNAC Stª Catarina, Porto – 18:30
(with moderation by Tito Couto)

MAY 12 – FNAC Almada Forum – 19H00
(with moderation by José Mariño)

JUNE 6 – Lisbon Book Fair | Stand Showtime Books
(with moderation by José Mariño)


Title: Uma Página da História

Synopsis: Carlos Nobre (Pacman/Carlão), João Nobre (Jay Jay Neige), Bruno Silva (Virgul), Pedro Quaresma (Quakas), Guilherme Silva (Guillaz) and Miguel Negretti (DJ Glue) form Da Weasel but the band revealed much more than the sum of its parts. In the pages of the weasel’s official biography, the adventures, and secrets that everyone wanted to know finally appear.

Number of Pages: 564
RRP: 21 euros

“We’re all real guys in that we don’t talk about things much”. – Carlão

“In 1993, I’m 22, my brother is 18 – and Da Weasel is born in our bedroom”. – João Nobre

“If I had to die, I would die happy and proud of the things we did together.” – Lent

“Being able to play, make a career in music, make a living from it, have people who like what you do: it continues to be a privilege for the few”. – William

“We are a family – we may be apart for a long time, but when we are together, no time has passed” – DJ Glue

“If, before, there was respect, now there is even more” – Virgul

Ana Ventura: biographical note
Journalist, writer, and content creator in the area of music, she began her journey in 1998, when she joined the editorial staff of the weekly BLITZ, a title she remained in until 2008, being part of the founding team of the magazine of the same name, where she played the role of coordinator.

Her journey on television began in 2006, at the 2nd edition of Rock In Rio Lisboa, when she accepted an invitation from SIC Radical to be part of the live broadcast of the event, as a commentator, and in 2008 she also started her collaboration with SIC Woman. M de Música was born in 2010, as a permanent feature on the screens of SIC Mulher, but, in 2016, it grew and became an independent platform and brand, on, as well as on the broadcast of SIC Radical and SIC Mulher. This is a weekly program with a biographical character, accompanied by the news, reviews, agenda, playlist, photos, and videos that have interviewed, to date, about 150 artists.

2019 is marked by the arrival of new projects, a documentary series, and the publication of the first book. “Super Bock Super Rock: 12 Stories Forever” is the series authored and produced by Ana Ventura, broadcast by SIC Radical, regarding the 25 editions of the festival. With the Showtime seal, “À Minha Maneira” is the long-awaited autobiography of Xutos & Pontapés, written by Ana Ventura with Gui, João Cabeleira, Kalú, Tim, and Zé Pedro, and edited in two volumes, the second of which reached the shelves in 2020. The following year, he deepened his experience in the documentary field, becoming involved with the Portuguese episodes of the HBO series “Acoustic Home”, a collaboration that he repeated in 2022. Magazino’s autobiography, and conceived the web series “A Cultura”.

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