UMinho collects toys for children with special needs

The University of Minho (UMinho) has launched the eleventh edition of the annual campaign of Collection of Toys “OFFER and make a happy child!” to raise gifts for needy and deprived children, the institution announced today.

In a statement, the Social Action Services of the University of Minho (SASUM) explained that the campaign lasts until December 10 and that this year extends to other institutions, “increasing collection points and enhancing their reach.”

According to the text, “the Toy Collection Campaign at UMinho has already a long tradition”, having been started in 2008 and is now organized by SASUM. in cooperation with the Academic Association of the University of Minho (AAUM), with the support of the Robotics Center of the Industrial Electronics Department of UMinho and the SalusLive – Therapeutic Center.

The solidarity action “aims to raise awareness for the donation of a toy that no longer needs or for the supply of new toys, so that everyone can participate and help carry the magic of Christmas, not only to children in need but also to children with special needs, who otherwise will not have the joy of receiving a toy in this very special court. ”

It should be noted that “this will be the fourth consecutive year that will contribute with electronic toys that will be adapted for children with special needs,” an adaptation that will be made by students of UMInho.

To do this, the Laboratory of Robotics of the Department of Industrial Electronics of UMinho will dedicate a week to the adaptation of electronic toys, so that they can be used by children with special needs.

Between 10 and 15 December, students and teachers will get to work to adapt the maximum amount of toys, which will later be delivered to institutions working with children with special needs.

“Although the adaptation is different in each toy, the degree of complexity is greater or less, the time spent can vary from a few minutes to a few hours, these facts do not deter students and teachers,” said the SASUM, which highlight the ” spirit of volunteering “of the participating students.

“The dedication and dedication to this cause are total and all the action is accompanied by a Christmas spirit of much sharing and joy”, reads.

The remaining (non-electronic) collected toys will be delivered to ministries that work with needy children.

The toys can be delivered in several places, and in Braga the collection will take place at the Gualtar Sports Complex, at the CP2 Bar, at the Congregados Snack Bar (city centre), at the University Residences (Santa Tecla and Lloyd Braga), at the Biblioteca Lúcio Craveiro da Silva and at the Sá de Miranda Schools Association.

In Guimarães, the collection will take place in the Sports Complex of Azurém, in the Engineering Bar I, in the Living Science Center Bar (Campus de Couros), in the University Residences (Azurém and Combatentes), in the Martins Sarmento Society, in the Agrupamento de Escolas Francisco de Netherlands and at the Caldas das Taipas High School.

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