UMinho replaces plastic cups with paper cups in coffee machines

The coffee vending machines at the University of Minho will use paper cups, and 90 thousand plastic containers are expected to be disposed of, announced the Social Action Services of the institution.

In a statement sent today, the Social Action Services of the University of Minho (SASUM) emphasize that the measure is part of the Strategic Plan of Sustainability of the institution, and the estimate of eliminating more than 90 thousand cups is based on the number of containers consumed in the 2017/2018 school year.

“This measure reinforces the work that SASUM has been developing to mitigate its environmental impact, seeking to adopt behaviours and actions that are more sustainable and that promote the quality of life of the entire academic community,” it reads.

According to SASUM Sustainability Manager Diogo Arezes, “the substitution process is already being implemented and it is expected that by the end of October all coffee vending machines will only paper”.

SASUM also recalled that since April, “all bars and food units affected by the Services” have been used to replace all plastic cups with reusable glass cups, as well as the elimination of the “use of straw”.

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