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Understage & Blanck Mass at Rivoli

Blanck Mass
7.00 € • 50min

Blanck Mass, Benjamin John Power’s solo project, part of Fuck Buttons, is back in Portugal and has a confirmed stop at Rivoli’s Understage on February 14, for the presentation of “Animated Violence Mild’. Released in 2019 via Sacred Bones, “Animated Violence Mild’ is, in the words of the British musician and producer, his most concise, direct and honest work. Loaded with bold experimentation, rhythmic intensity, explosive melodies and artful ferocity, the album is an amalgamation of extreme emotions, which oscillate between the expression of existential fear and the beauty close to transcendence. A regret disc, which arises from the reflection around loss, not only personally but also in a more global sense, of all of us, as a species, it is an unbridled anti-consumerism treaty, a declared criticism of the self-inflicted fall of humanity, betrayal of the best instincts of our nature and the future of our own world. And like the sadness that communicates there, the eight tracks that compose it are not at all linear, surprising the listener at every moment, among stylistic combinations so distinct and well-executed that effortlessly go well beyond all the influences that shamelessly we recognize him, becoming a moment not so much of exasperation as of pure catharsis.

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