UNHCR launches a website to help refugees find jobs in Brazil

The initiative, called “Companies with Refugees“, aims to promote the integration of refugees in the Brazilian labour market and guides companies in the process of hiring these people.

Refugees and asylum seekers can obtain a Labor and Social Security Card (CTPS) and work regularly in Brazil, according to the Brazilian legal system, but sometimes find it difficult to enter the labour market.

In the first half of 2018, there were about 80,000 requests for recognition of refugee status in Brazil, most of them Venezuelans who entered the northern border in the state of Roraima, seeking better living conditions and to escape social, political and economic crisis. economic development of the country.

Many refugees are forced to leave everything behind, but they do not come empty-handed. Many have professional training and academic and work experience that, if taken advantage of, can contribute a lot to the host country,” said José Egas, UNHCR Brazil, quoted in a statement released by the Global Compact for Migration, a UN initiative.

According to information released by the Brazilian federal police in March, there are at least 94,000 Venezuelans who have sought refuge in Brazil and more than 65,000 who have applied for temporary residence in the country.

The National Refugee Committee, a public body linked to the Brazilian Ministry of Justice, reported that by the end of 2018 the country recognized 10,522 refugees from 105 countries, including Syria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Colombia, Palestine, Pakistan, Venezuela and Angola.

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