UNIBANCO launches digital account with free payments

UNIBANCO, UNICRE’s business brand dedicated to developing unique financial solutions and simplifying payments, has just launched its first digital account.

Available through the UNIBANCO app, the brand new solution can be moved using a prepaid virtual card that will allow customers to receive and send money, make payments, buy online and buy in physical stores, whether in Portugal or abroad.

The UNIBANCO Account arises from the brand’s ambition to provide an increasingly simplified, fast, convenient, and secure digital payment and money management experience, even to customers who do not value the credit component – the UNIBANCO brand core solution.

According to Marília Araújo, Director of UNIBANCO, this launch marks the first step towards expanding the brand’s offer: “The UNIBANCO Account represents more than a new product that we launched to the market. It is also an extension of the universe of UNIBANCO solutions that gives us the freedom to adapt the offer to the rhythm of the needs and moments of life of our customers. With credit or without credit, we want our customers to count on UNIBANCO in the most diverse everyday situations, and for this reason our strategy is to adapt our offer, first of all, to a growing digital consumer reality – visible through the widespread use of contactless and the online shopping experience – and, consequently, expanding our client portfolio to a younger generation, increasingly aware and autonomous in the use of innovative digital solutions.”

Among the main features of the UNIBANCO Account are the possibility to make top-ups – from 10 € – make purchases, cash withdrawals, service payments and invoice payments by direct debit, payments with MBWay and P2P transfers (sending or ordering money) person to person).

Through the UNIBANCO app, it will also be possible to consult and manage all card movements, for greater control of day-to-day expenses. In addition to the digital version, any customer can request and receive the physical version of the card at home, without any associated cost.

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