UNIBANCO offers 100% digital access to Personal Credit

New service allows you to join UNIBANCO Personal Credit in a completely digital process, through the website or mobile phone, without using paper

UNIBANCO, UNICRE‘s business brand dedicated to the development of unique financial solutions and simplification of payments, has just announced to the market the possibility of joining your Personal Credit through a completely digital process, via website or mobile phone, without the need to use the paper.

This measure comes after the brand announced the possibility of digitally subscribing to the UNIBANCO card in order to reinforce the digitalization strategy of its products.

At UNIBANCO we continue to develop a digital offer in line with the expectations and needs of the market and our customers, especially at a time when confinement and social distance are the watchwords. The digitization process of our solutions is a commitment that we want to reinforce and that reflects the vision that, as a brand, we have for the future of the sector”, says Marília Araújo, Director of UNIBANCO.

The 100% digital adhesion process to UNIBANCO Personal Credit contributes to greater convenience and speed to the client, facilitating adhesion anywhere and anytime, in a simple and secure way. The security and confidentiality of personal data is also guaranteed by strong security measures.

Digital adherence to UNIBANCO Personal Credit follows a major movement towards digitizing its products, in line with a change in the positioning of UNICRE and its brands, which reflects the financial institution’s commitment to innovation in order to face the challenges of a constantly evolving sector.

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