Unilever invests 1 billion euros in sustainable cleaning products

The billion euros are intended to finance research, development, and innovation in chemical formulas for circular cleaning products.

This initiative is part of the commitment made by Unilever to have products that do not emit carbon into the atmosphere by 2039.

Most cleaning and laundry products currently available on the market contain chemicals produced from fossil fuel raw materials.

Unilever expects that this initiative alone will reduce the carbon footprint of product formulas by up to 20%.

Unilever operates in the sector of production and commercialization of consumer goods, in the food, home care and beauty and personal hygiene products, being present in more than 190 countries.

In Portugal, the company has been present through a partnership with Sociedade Francisco Manuel dos Santos, since 1949, with manufacturing units located in Santa Iria de Azóia, municipality of Loures.

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