Polytechnic Universities will be decisive in boosting the country’s interior and attracting investment

Conference promoted by the Nabeiro Group debates Higher Education and Territorial Cohesion

The possibility of granting doctorates and changing the designation to Polytechnic Universities are two measures considered urgent and decisive by the institutions of Polytechnic Higher Education, represented in Campo Maior, within the scope of the conference “Higher Education as a Driver of Development and Territorial Cohesion”, promoted by the Comendador Rui Nabeiro International Graduate Center, on Friday, the 10th.

At the meeting, at which the Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal (IPS) was present, a broad consensus was reached on the urgency and need for polytechnics to be able to award doctorates, at a time when the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education the reassessment of the Legal Regime of Higher Education Institutions (RJIES), with a legislative initiative on this matter proposed by a group of citizens being discussed in Parliament.

The change of name to Polytechnic Universities was also considered decisive, due to the expected impact on attracting students, on the sustainability of institutions, on the development of regions, and on the international competitiveness of Portuguese higher education as a whole.

In the conclusions of the event, which were in charge of Jorge Conde, vice-president of the Coordinating Council of Higher Polytechnic Institutes (CCISP), it was clear the importance of Higher Education institutions in attracting new audiences to traditionally unpopulated territories, being imperative, to such that the country is endowed with strong institutions, capable of attracting national and international talent.

A role that, according to those responsible for the CCISP, can naturally be played by Polytechnic Higher Education, thus allowing it to grant the Doctorate degree and change the name to Polytechnic Universities. It is estimated that the international recognition obtained almost automatically, due to the similarity with the nomenclatures used throughout Europe, is a factor in reinforcing the ability to attract international investment.

Another of the conclusions of the conference, which had an intervention by Commander Rui Nabeiro right at the opening, concerns the direct impact that more professional doctorates can have on companies’ innovation chains, with polytechnics having a natural vocation for the development of this type of interface training, in co-creation with companies and at the service of regional development and national cohesion.

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