University of Coimbra considered the best Portuguese institution in compliance with the Health and Wellbeing indicator established by the UN

The University of Coimbra has just been considered the best institution in Portugal and the only one in the world top 20 in compliance with the Health and Well-Being indicator, the third Sustainable Development Objective (SDG) of the UN, according to the second edition of the ranking “The University Impact Rankings”, by Times Higher Education.

In 620 universities around the world, the University of Coimbra occupies the 17th place.

The UC‘s contribution to the National Health Service was decisive for this classification, namely the support to governmental policy decisions in health management, the quality and quantity of the training of health professionals and innovative initiatives, such as Ageing Coimbra or the M8 Alliance.

In the global ranking “The University Impact Rankings”, which analyzes the fulfillment of all the UN SDGs, the University of Coimbra is also the best Portuguese institution and the only one in the top 100 in the world, occupying the 62nd position, in 766 institutions worldwide the world.

According to Amílcar Falcão, Dean of the University of Coimbra “As this is the only world ranking that assesses the efforts of higher education institutions to fulfill the goal of having a better world – and at the very moment in which we are experiencing a pandemic crisis -, they highlight especially the UC’s positions in the world top 20 in the area of ​​Health and Well-being, in the top 40 in the fight against poverty and in the top 50 in innovation, especially valuing the support and contribution of our institution to the National Health Service Cheers“.

In addition to SDG 3, on Health and Well-Being, the University of Coimbra was also the Portuguese institution to lead SDG 14, on Maritime Life (33rd position out of 242), SDG 1, on the Eradication of Poverty (38th position in 372) or ODS9, related to Industry / Innovation / Infrastructure (41st place in 494).

With regard to SDG 9, related to Industry / Innovation / Infrastructures, the existing collaboration with industry was fundamental, the number of spin-offs created, which contributed to the current leadership of UC in Portugal in requests for registration of inventions and revenue from research, such as the Horizon 2020 program, where UC led the competitive funding raised between 2014 and 2020.

This was the first year that the University of Coimbra participated in the University Impact Ranking, from Times Higher Education, the first edition of which took place last year.

The University Impact Ranking aims to measure the global success of universities in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals. For this ranking, it is analyzed how research, teaching and management of institutions contribute to the achievement of the SDGs defined by the United Nations, constituting itself as the only global instrument for evaluating these commitments.

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