University of Évora awards Vergílio Ferreira Award to Nélida Piñon

The Brazilian writer Nélida Piñon today receives the Literary Prize Vergílio Ferreira 2019, awarded by the University of Évora (UÉ).

The awarding of the prize to the writer was decided in December, in recognition of the “latitude and depth of her work.” The jury was composed of professors Antonio Sáez Delgado (UÉ, who presided), Cláudia Afonso Teixeira (UÉ), Fernando Cabral Martins (New University of Lisbon), Ângela Fernandes (University of Lisbon), and journalist Anabela Mota Ribeiro.

The ceremony will feature interventions by the award winner, the jury and the UÉ rector, Ana Costa Freitas.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1937, Nelida Piñon was the first woman to preside over the Brazilian Academy of Letters, has an extensive literary production, translated into several languages, and was distinguished with awards such as Jabuti, Rosalía de Castro, Casa de the Americas and Prince of Asturias of the Letters, among other distinctions.

Invited to honor the literary festival Correntes d’Escritas, in Póvoa de Varzim, which closed last Sunday, she has published in Portugal titles such as ‘The Republic of Dreams’, ‘Book of Hours’, ‘Apprentice of Homer’, as well as his latest novel, ‘A Stealthy Tear’, which hit bookstores in late January.

The prize, established in 1996 in honor of the writer Vergílio Ferreira, author of ‘Hasta a Fim’ and ‘Para Semper’, annually distinguishes the whole of the work of a Portuguese-speaking author.

The writer Maria Velho da Costa was the first awarded with the Vergílio Ferreira Prize, which was followed by, among others, Mia Couto, Almeida Faria, Eduardo Lourenço, Agustina Bessa-Luís, Vasco Graça Moura, Mário Cláudio, Luísa Dacosta, José Gil, Hélia Correia, Lídia Jorge, and João de Melo.

In 2018 was awarded the writer Gonçalo M. Tavares.

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