US gambling giants make more than half of Macao revenue

More than half of the proceeds from the three North American giants come from Macao rather than the United States, a result that reinforces China’s position as the world capital of the game.

Las Vegas Sands, MGM Resorts and the Wynn Resorts group reported revenues of approximately US $ 4.05 billion (3.57 billion euros) in Macao in the third quarter of the year: 55.6% results that include value assured in the US.

In all, the three groups raised $ 8.05 billion ($ 7.1 billion) in the third quarter in operations in Macao, the United States and the other countries where they have investments.

Of the three, the MGM was the only one that recorded more gains in the United States than in Macau: 2.39 billion dollars earned from the group’s 15 integrated resorts in the United States, compared to 606 million in the two developments in that Asian territory. Despite this, the ‘integrated resort’ of the group with the most revenues was MGM Macau (434 million dollars).

Meanwhile, Wynn Resorts, a group founded by tycoon Steve Wynn, registered in Macau the only place in China where casino gambling is legal, accounting for 76.4% of the group’s total revenue in the third quarter ($ 1.7 billion dollars).

Finally, Las Vegas Sands earned $ 3.37 billion in revenue. Of these, 63.8% are the result of the Group’s operations in Macao. In the US the group raised 444 million dollars and in Singapore, through its integrated resort Marina Bay Sands, 766 million dollars between July and September of 2018.

“Game development in Asia crushes the rest of the world,” said game analyst Grant Govertsen, Executive Director of Union Gaming, earlier this month.

At an event sponsored by the British Trade Association in Macau, Grant Govertsen presented data estimating that between 2015 and 2021 game operators in Macau will invest more than US $ 28 billion in new infrastructures. Of these, more than 10.5 billion originate from US investment.

In response to the Lusa Agency, the founder of Newpage Consulting, a consultant specializing in gaming regulation in the territory, said that overall “gaming revenues in Macau are at least three times higher than in Nevada, United States.”

Macao casinos reported gross revenue accumulated in the first ten months of the year of 251,383 million patacas (27,454 million euros), an increase of 14.3% over the same period last year, according to official figures released.

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