Usage and cleaning tips to avoid possible contagion when using your phone

Our phone is a tool for daily use that accompanies us everywhere and is in direct contact with the hands and face, two of the main routes by which the COVID-19 virus is transmitted quickly. In this context, WIKO, the European smartphone company, advises users to follow some simple steps to prevent the virus from spreading.

Use headsets to make or receive calls and record or listen to WhatsApp audios.

This will prevent the mobile phone from being in direct contact with the face and other parts of the body through which the virus spreads more easily, such as the nose, mouth or hands.

Do not share your device with other users.

In order to show content that seems interesting to you, the most advisable thing is to send it by message so that the mobile phone does not have to pass from hand to hand.

Bet on videoconferences on your smartphone or through platforms

like WhatsApp or Skype when you have to have a conversation in which more than two people participate.

Don’t forget to disinfect your hands every time you use your smartphone.

Mobile phones are in constant contact with surfaces that may be contaminated. So it is very important that when you finish using it, whether after a phone call, sending a message or any other action, wash your hands well, thus avoiding any possibility of contagion. In addition, it is important to bear in mind that mobile equipment is a tool that usually sits on various surfaces exposed to microbes and bacteria, and that it passes through the hands of several people practically every day. Therefore, WIKO also recommends following some hygiene tips for your terminal.

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