Use of air conditioning is safe

In conjunction with DGS indications, they can mitigate the spread

The Association of Installers of Portugal (AIPOR) reaffirms that the use of air conditioning equipment is safe, with no increased risk of transmission of the SARS-Cov-2 virus. AIPOR estimates that more than 3 million air conditioning units have been installed in the last 15 years.

Any particle present in the air, if subjected to airflow, will project itself at a certain distance, so, if we are present in an interior space with a contaminated individual, without protection, and the same sneeze, cough or even when speaking, the droplets may be projected at greater or lesser distances in case of ventilation or not. The same happens in any outdoor space where there is some wind, a very characteristic condition in Portugal ”, says Celeste Campinho, president of AIPOR. “The idea that Air Conditioning propagates the virus responsible for COVID-19 or any other virus is completely wrong because it not only does not increase the viral load but decreases it due to its effect of diffusion and dilution in the air“, he concludes.

The Ventilation and Air Conditioning equipment not only does not contribute to the spread, but they must remain in operation as they help, together with the DGS indications, to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 disease.

AIPOR is a non-profit Business Association, which represents, exclusively, the installers responsible for Special Technical Installations, better known for HVAC, Refrigeration, Electrical Installations, Hydraulic Installations, Centralized Technical Management, Gas, etc. (

AIPOR integrates and forms part of the Governing Bodies, since its foundation, of CPCI – Confederação Portuguesa da Construção e Imobiliário ( This line represents 17.4% of GDP and 600 thousand jobs.

In 2014, AIPOR, in order to meet the numerous requests from companies and their technicians, was accredited by IPAC (Portuguese Institute of Accreditation), to certify technicians handling fluorinated greenhouse gases. These gases are present in the most diverse equipment for air conditioning, refrigeration, etc.

We are present in the daily lives of all people, from homes to hospitals, being one of the main responsible for the well-being and health of all. We are aware of the importance of Special Technical Installations in guaranteeing technological evolution to improve the living conditions of humanity.

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