UZINA creates digital campaign for the Portuguese Institute of Blood and Transplantation

UZINA creates a new awareness campaign for the Portuguese Institute for Blood and Transplantation: “Give blood, save lives”.

In order to help the Portuguese Blood and Transplantation Institute (IPST), UZINA created a digital campaign that promotes an appeal to a need that unfortunately is only solved in the physical world. The idea is to emphasize the fact that if people can leave home to do a number of things, there is one that they can also do, and that saves lives: giving blood.

Taking into account the moment we are living in, the influx of blood donors is decreasing drastically and consequently the blood reserves. Alerting and sensitizing the population to this situation is an emergency, that’s why it led us to create this campaign in partnership with IPST”, explains António Roquette, CEO of UZINA.

Through the webpage, users are aware of the collection points that are active in all areas of mainland Portugal. Donors are guaranteed all safety conditions taking into account the rules and guidelines of the DGS.

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