V Ciclo de Concertos de Coimbra organize a solidarity concert in March

14 Conductors participate in a solidarity show of the 5th V Ciclo de Concertos de Coimbra

A solidarity show with the participation of 14 conductors is part of the program of the V Ciclo de Concertos de Coimbra (CCC), which will take place in the city from 20 to 22 March.

Of the eight concerts in this cycle, organized by the association CulturXis, six are free admission, and on the poster are names like Adriano Jordão, António Victorino d’Almeida, João Santos and Titus Isfan.

The “stages” of this festival will be spread over the city of Coimbra.

There will be concerts at the Machado de Castro National Museum, the Church of Santa Cruz and the Sé Velha, monuments that are considered World Heritage Sites.

Adriano Jordão

After the last edition, with the concerts sold out, this year the theme will be “O tempo, esse grande escultor” (“Time, that great sculptor”) and marks the 270 years since the death of Johann Sebastian Bach, the 250 years since the birth of Beethoven and the 25 years since the death of the writer Miguel Torga.

The new edition of the V Ciclo de Concertos de Coimbra has a program for the whole family and for all ages with music and poetry.

The poster starts on March 20 with a piano concert by Adriano Jordão, António Silva and Tiago Nunes at the Church of Santa Cruz at 9:30 pm, with free admission.

The next day, the duo Soni Clavium will give a concert at the Machado de Castro National Museum, at 3 pm, and at 5 pm it will be João Santos‘ turn to take the stage of the Sé Velha Church, both concerts will be free.

Also on the 21st, a show entitled “Os maestros também sabem tocar” (“The conductors also know how to play”) is held at the Conservatory of Music at 9:30 pm, the proceeds from this show revert to Cáritas de Coimbra and tickets vary between 5 to 3 euros.

On Sunday the festival continues at 3 pm with a concert by the Romanian Titus Isfan and soon after, at 4 pm, students from the Montijo Regional Arts Conservatory and Colégio São Teotónio will present a piano recital, both at the Machado Museum de Castro.

The closing performance of the festival will take place at the Conservatory with “Improvisações sobre Miguel Torga” (“Improvisations on Miguel Torga”), starring pianist António Victorino d’Almeida and actor António Capelo, at 18:30.

In this case, the standard ticket costs 10 euros, while students and those over 65 pay seven euros.

You can see these and more shows at the V Ciclo de Concertos de Coimbra, which will take place from March 20 to 22, in Coimbra.

More info here.

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