“Vaamo share oque shop é Beiro Pateiro” arrives in Barcelos

Vaamo share oque shop é Beiro Pateiro”, the piece by choreographer Vera Mantero, accompanied by the ‘Dançando com a Diferença’ Group, is presented this Friday, July 30, at 7 pm, at Praceta Dr. Francisco Sá Carneiro, in Barcelos.

The show, a co-production by A Oficina • Guimarães – Centro Cultural Vila Flor, is the proposal of Guimarães, within the scope of the Quadrilátero Cultural project, a project financed by European Union Funds.

An inclusive show that stands at the front of several battles, between aesthetics, beauty and the various types of social barriers working with movement, dance and art, within the limits of the bodies’ capacity.

What is this piece about? More than being “about” something, it allows itself to live under a regime of free and often non-verbal associations that are, for me, a very faithful portrait of everything I experienced and lived within this group. This is “Vaamo share oque shop é Beiro Pateiro”” says choreographer Vera Mantero.

After having premiered in Guimarães and having passed through Braga and Famalicão, the show is now presented in Barcelos. Entry to the show is free, but subject to reservation.

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