Vai e Vem new single “Cristina”

“Cristina” is the new single from Vai e Vem after the debut theme, “Esse Amor”, came out at the end of 2019.

Like Esse Amor, Cristina is based on a true story. It was not experienced by the elements of “Vai and Vem”, but followed closely.

Cristina, in the words of Vitor Lusquinos dos Vai e Vem, “speaks of the story of Cristina, a friend from college, and of a great friend of mine. A somewhat troubled relationship, so I decided to soften the story and tell it in a more The ending was different from the one in the song. This is the one I wish had happened “.

With “Cristina”, once again it is proven that we must fight for what we believe (even if it is complicated) and that all life stories can give a song.

“Cristina” has something more particular: the production of this theme was in charge of Rick Bonadio who, among others, discovered the Mamonas Assassinas and Charlie Brown Jr, as well as being the producer of two of the greatest new artists in Brazil: Vitor Kley and Kell Smith.

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