Valença will have a Specialized Technological Center

The Municipality of Valença and the Muralhas do Minho School Group saw their application for the creation of a Specialized Technological Center – CTE de Informática approved.

This state-of-the-art centre will be created as part of the modernization of education in Valença and will have an eligible value of around 830 thousand euros.

The new CTE in Valença is a strong bet on new technologies and on the training and qualification of the school’s training offer, which is crucial for all areas of education, especially professional courses.

This centre aims to increase the responsiveness of Valença’s educational and training system, as well as contribute to combating social and gender inequalities and increasing the resilience of employment.

The planned investment involves the modernization and rehabilitation of existing facilities and infrastructure and the acquisition of technological educational resources.

For the Mayor of Valença City Council, José Manuel Carpinteira, “This is excellent news for our young people who will have a training offer, with cutting-edge technology, in Valença, fundamental for their academic and professional qualification, making them more prepared for the job market.”

The Valença CTE will be located at the main school of the Muralhas do Minho School Group.

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