Valéria Carvalho stars in Casino Estoril one of the last shows of “Rui Veloso in Bossa”

Valéria Carvalho will star, on March 20, at 9:30 pm, “Rui Veloso in Bossa” in the Casino Estoril Auditorium.

After exhausting concert halls from north to south of the country, Valéria Carvalho is now performing at Casino Estoril, which is hosting one of the last performances of this memorable tour.

The versatile Brazilian artist takes the stage to interpret some of Rui Veloso‘s most emblematic themes, reinventing them with the unmistakable sonority of Bossa Nova.

Rui Veloso em Bossa” is a show that unites what the Ocean sometimes separates.

Valéria Carvalho uniquely interprets unforgettable songs by the duo “Rui Veloso and Carlos Té” accompanied by excellent musicians.

With a remarkable career, Valéria Carvalho is recognized today as a multifaceted artist, thanks to her work in Television, Theater, and Cinema.

However, dance and music are her first passions and forms of artistic expression since, at the age of 15, she discovered the guitar, an instrument that has been with her ever since.

In 1991, having just arrived in Portugal, more specifically in Porto, Valéria Carvalho had her first meeting: “a Rui Veloso concert in the city center, and I remember thinking: we have Caetano, they have Rui, too Veloso … I immediately fell in love with everything and Rui was my gateway to discover Portuguese music … ”.

It should be remembered that the success of this show, which since 2014, has sold out rooms from north to south of the country, provided, in 2017, the release of the album “Rui Veloso em Jeito de Bossa”.

Themes such as “O Meu Primeiro Beijo”, “Todo o Tempo do Mundo” and “Porto Sentido”, by Rui Veloso, are interpreted under the sign of bossa nova in the voice and guitar of Valéria Carvalho.

The Auditorium of Casino Estoril welcomes, on the 20th of March, at 9:30 pm, Valéria Carvalho presents “Rui Veloso in Bossa”. M / 12. Price: 20 €.

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