Valete returns with 5 original themes

VALETE‘s long-awaited return brings us not one, but 5 original themes: Olympus (with the participation of Phoenix RDC and Virgul); Travel (with the participation of Lila and Phoenix RDC); Dream Industry, Poço dos Negros Street, and Honshu Island (with the participation of X-Tense).

These five songs are the result of a period of self-imposed confinement and they all arrive at the same time today, November 20th.

Considered one of the most reputed MCs in Portugal, a status reinforced not only by his releases in his own name but also by countless collaborations with other artists, VALETE returns maintaining his headquarters, a social rapper, progressive and closely linked to the founding values ​​of Hip-Hop Culture.

There were 5 weeks that I was confined between the months of June and July. A self-imposed confinement after national confinement. I had a business on the airbnb market that went bankrupt, I ran out of concerts and I saw a lot of people around me desperate, in the middle of the pandemic war and the sudden drop in income.

These weeks also coincided with George Floyd’s postmortem and all the protests and debates that were generated around the event. You could feel everything in that period. Fear, revolt, impotence, but also calm and hope resulting from long moments of reflection. I wanted to put all these feelings in the 5 themes that I created in those 5 weeks. I had never created it that way. Each theme reflects exactly what I was feeling at each moment.

I loved the experience, I loved the result, and despite some lyrical schizophrenia I also felt multidimensional and more comprehensive.

5 weeks 5 themes. 5 emotions 5 themes.” -Valete

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