Valter Lobo, “A Vida Romanceada”, at Teatro Maria Matos

It was on April 26 that Valter Lobo performed at the Teatro Maria Matos, in Lisbon, for his first concert after confinement, in which he made known the songs from his new album “Primeira Parte de um Assalto”. “Fado Novo” is the first single from the same album that will be released next June.

Jorge Moura was the “Banda”, responsible for the guitars and the keys

The artist’s guest of honour was Benjamim, who performed at the piano, having Valter Lobo interpreted the theme “Para Ti”.

The Maria Matos Theater sold out the room for this concert by Valter Lobo, which shows the charisma that this singer has with his audience.

The singer played not only the songs on the new album but also those he already considers “classics”, such as the theme “Quem me Dera” from the album “Mediterrâneo”.

According to Valter Lobo,it was late to make the album, we made a series of melancholic songs because the people needed it“. Valter Lobo assumes himself as not being a musician “because he doesn’t play any instruments”, but rather as a “song maker”, this being his third album, after “Mediterrâneo” in 2016 and “Inverno”, in 2012.

This show, produced by the “Força de Produção”, has a new date, May 13, at the Teatro Académico Gil Vicente, in Coimbra.

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