Value of agricultural production rises in 2017 above EU average

The value of agricultural production in Portugal increased by 7.0% to € 7.5 billion in 2017 over the previous year, above the European Union average (6.2%), according to Eurostat.

Considering the components of agricultural production, national crop production increased by 9.0% over 2016, livestock production 4.5%, agricultural services 2.2% and inseparable secondary activities 4.4%.

The value of agricultural production increased in almost all Member States, with particular emphasis on Estonia (18.2%), Ireland (13.6%), Romania (13.2%), the United Kingdom (12, 6%) and Poland (11.1%).

Slovenia (-4.7%) and Malta (-3.1%) saw the value of agricultural output decline from 2016 to 2017 and in Croatia and Slovakia remained stable.

Among the Member States with the highest total agricultural production, the indicator rose by 8.6% in Germany, 4.5% in Spain, 3.2% in France and 2.2% in Italy.

According to the EU Statistical Office, the economic accounts for agriculture show that production in the 28 Member States has been set at € 432.6 billion at 2017 base prices, an increase of 6.2% over 2016.

France is the leading country in agricultural production (EUR 72.6 billion, 17% of the EU), followed by Germany (56.2 thousand ME, 13%), Italy (55.1 million (MEE 50.6 thousand, 12%), the United Kingdom (31.8 thousand ME, 7%), the Netherlands (28.9 thousand ME, 7%), Poland ( 24,900 ME, 6%) and Romania (17,700 ME, 4% of the EU).

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