Van Gogh exhibition arrives in Lisbon in 2020

The official experience created by Van Gogh Museum comes to Portugal for the first time

The Meet Vincent Van Gogh exhibition first arrives in Portugal in February 2020.

It is an exhibition that offers a multi-sensory journey through the history of one of the most famous painters ever and, after passing through Beijing, Barcelona and Seoul, performs in Lisbon.

The exhibition will be from February 28th until March 8th 2020 at Terreiro das Masses, in Belém..

The exhibition takes visitors on a tour of places that have marked the painter’s life and challenges them to test his artistic abilities.

There are also several projections, films and photographs accompanying the visitor in his immersion in the life of Van Gogh.

Allowing each visitor to deepen their knowledge, there will also be several interactive points that challenge the visitor to test their artistic skills by applying the techniques developed by the painter.

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