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Van Zee is the new confirmation of the Sudoeste

August 7th to 10th at Herdade da Casa Branca, Zambujeira do Mar - Odemira

The Portuguese rapper is one of the biggest Portuguese bets for the main stage of the Festival, where he will perform on August 8th.

The summer destination has already been marked. From August 7th to 10th, with camping opening on August 3rd, all roads lead to the Sudoeste. After the confirmations of Da Weasel, in his only live performance on the continent, the trap phenomenon Matué, and one of the biggest DJs in the world, Martin Garrix, the new confirmation has been growing day by day, dominating the music platforms streaming and selling out concerts, and is one of the Portuguese bets on the Festival’s lineup – Van Zee makes its debut in the Sudoeste on August 8th.

Van Zee is a Madeiran artist, known for his innovative and authentic sound. Always interested in exploring new shades, Van Zee caters to those looking for something different and exciting. With lyrics focused on his experiences, ambitions and reflections, the artist has gained an increasingly larger fan base. The authenticity and depth of his projects have been important factors in increasing the interest of thousands of young people in his music.

He began his musical journey at just 15 years old. In 2020, he released the single “Tempo”, an immediate success on streaming platforms, which today has almost 9 million plays on Spotify. Still, in 2020, he moved to Amsterdam, where he found an atmosphere of creativity and innovation, fertile ground for the development of his projects.

His first album, “Aporia”, released in 2021, introduced the public to an artist looking to do something different, exploring various sub-genres of hip-hop and adapting different rhythms to his ideas, emotions and vulnerabilities.

His performance won over the public and made him one of the biggest promises in Portuguese music. In April 2023, Van Zee joined the Virgin Music Portugal crew and, in just a few months, the Madeiran found himself immersed in waters never before navigated by him, giving major concerts all over the country.

The result of this bet is visible to everyone: not only is Van Zee, at this point, the face of the most listened-to playlists on Spotify in Portugal, but he also has some of the most listened-to songs on that platform nationally. “Alma Nua”, “Tempo”, “Perto”, “Amar de Cor”, “Para Casa”, and “underwater” are some of the songs that are (or have been) among the most listened to on the platform.

At the end of 2023, he released a new album. “do.mar” features the collaboration of names like Diogo Piçarra, Carolina Deslandes, Ivandro, Julinho KSD, Pikika and Yuri NR5, and brings a series of songs that will certainly be among the most requested hits at the concert scheduled for the next edition of the Southwest Festival. Van Zee performs on the main stage on August 8th.

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