Van Zee debuts do.mar at high tide

The successor to Aporia already has defined performance dates: February 24th at the Hard Club, Porto, and March 9th at the Capitol, in Lisbon, both venues already sold out.

It was one of the most anticipated jobs of the year and arrived in time to close 2023 in the best way. do.mar finally sees the light of day and comes to compensate for the great anticipation surrounding it: with 21 songs, of which eight were already known, Van Zee’s new album brings unlikely records and unexpected collaborations to the Madeiran artist’s catalogue.

And because no man is an island, Sebastião Caldeira had to leave his own for people to see him. From Funchal to other coasts, Van Zee has found the sea as a great metaphor for his artistic and even personal journey. The structure of his first full-length with Virgin Music Portugal therefore follows an undulating logic, with ups and downs of opposing energies that are simultaneously harmonized in a single body.

Directly from the Dutch, from which he inherited his artistic name “Van Zee”, the literal translation results precisely in do.mar, a title that ends up encompassing everything that this album represents. Through diffuse currents, Aporia’s successor finds a perfect balance between home and world, between comfort zone and experimentation, between identity and innovation.

With Nort as a cornerstone in terms of the album’s production — and with FRANKIEONTHEGUITAR also playing a decisive role in this matter — Van Zee also had a number of heavyweight appearances on his second solo project. In addition to the surprising collaborations that were unveiled, from “Underwater” by FRANKIEONTHEGUITAR with Diogo Piçarra to “Chamadas” with Ivandro, Carolina Deslandes now joins in “À Tua Porta” — the last single before the launch of the project —, Julinho KSD in “Só Dá”, Pikika in “Saudade” and Yuri NR5 in “So Flawless”.

After conquering the top spot at the top of the most listened to Portuguese artists on Spotify with songs like “Tempo” and “Alma Nua”, the big leap now takes place in do.mar, with 13 more new tracks to consolidate the strength of the eight so far revealed. Finally presented in its entirety, Van Zee’s new work has already booked its presentation dates for next year (both sold out): the album’s debut on stage will take place first in Porto, on the 24th of February, at the Hard Club, and then descend to the capital, on March 9th, heading to the Capitol.
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