Van Zee joins Virgin Music Portugal

Van Zee is an artist from the island of Madeira, recognized for his innovative and authentic sound, which has consistently reached new fans and artists who identify with his music.

Van Zee began his musical career at the age of 15, in an environment where the music scene did not have much momentum. Over the years the artist has been building his platform and together with his producer Nort he released the single “Tempo” in 2020, which now has 1,250,000 streams on Spotify. Still, in 2020 he moved to Amsterdam, where he found a great source of creativity and innovation that he now incorporates into his projects.

More recently, Van Zee returned to live in Portugal in order to respond to the positive signs that his music is giving him, now joining Virgin Music Portugal, which in its roster has names such as T-Rex, ProfJam, Neyna , EU.CLIDES, Bispo, Mike 11, Jaca, Chyna, DJ Black Spygo and DJ Overule.

In 2022, he performed live for the first time at a large event with a more consistent project, at the Summer Opening Festival. Her performance had a great grip and not only boosted her motivation but also projected interest around her. At the end of the year, he launched the projects “Perto” and “Alma Nua”, which had a much better reception than usual and boosted the artist’s numbers.

For the present year of 2023, the artist guarantees that he will offer his fans a lot of music, where he will continue to explore new sounds.

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