“Vani Nomo” by Bibas is now available

Bibas wastes no time and, at the beginning of the year, surprises everyone with another single. “Vani Nomo” is the successor theme for “Crush”, released in December 2021, and is now available on all platforms.

Sung in Changana, a dialect of southern Mozambique, this new song, Amapiano style (house genre that emerged in South Africa, in 2012) serves to support and, above all, give strength to all those who let themselves go down by comments from others.

Vani Nomo” – which means “they have a mouth” – is a message of encouragement for each of us to be true to ourselves as judgment will always exist, regardless of what we do, say or who we are.

So, this single is an incentive for us to really love each other, both for the external characteristics and for our personality traits. It’s about being essence and not appearance. People will talk anyway: either out of envy or out of ignorance… so, at least, let us be as we want!

“Vani Nomo” is now available on all digital platforms and on Vodacom• Unitel• Movitel.

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