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‘Variações’ by João Maia leads nominations for Sophia awards

The film ‘Variações’, by João Maia, about the musician António Variações, leads the awards of the Portuguese cinema Sophia, with 17 nominations, revealed today the Portuguese Cinema Academy.

‘Variações’, the most watched Portuguese film in 2019, with almost 280 thousand viewers, is nominated for Sophia’s, among others, best film, directing, original screenplay, photography and main cast, headed by Sérgio Praia in the role of António Variações .

With 15 nominations comes ‘A Herdade’, by Tiago Guedes, followed by ‘Vitalina Varela’, by Pedro Costa, and ‘Diamantino’, by Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt, with six nominations each, and ‘Snu’, by Patrícia Sequeira , with five.

The Sophia Awards are an initiative of the Portuguese Film Academy and are divided into 23 categories.

For the best film Sophia, ‘Variations’, ‘A Herdade’, ‘Diamantino’ and ‘Vitalina Varela’ are nominated, with the respective filmmakers nominated for best performance.

The main roles are named Albano Jerónimo (‘A Herdade’), Carloto Cotta (‘Diamantino’), Igor Regalla (‘Gabriel’), Sérgio Praia (‘Variações’), Inês Castel-Branco (‘Snu’), Margarida Vila-Nova (‘Hotel Império’), Sandra Faleiro (‘A Herdade’) and Vitalina Varela (‘Vitalina Varela’).

For a better documentary, ‘Until the porn separates us’, by Jorge Pelicano, ‘Rain is singing in the village of the dead’, by Renée Nasser Medora and João Salaviza, ‘Lupo’, by Pedro Lino, and ‘Terra Franca’, by Leonor Teles.

The Sophia of best series or telefilm will be played between ‘Luz Vermelha’, by André Santos and Marco Leão, ‘Our Consul in Havana’, by Francisco Manso, ‘Sul’, by Ivo M. Ferreira, and ‘Conspiracy Theories’ , by Manuel Pureza, all shown on RTP.

‘A Fábrica’, by Diogo Barbosa, ‘A Herança’, by Paulo A. M. Oliveira, ‘Arriaga’, by Welket Bungué, and ‘Invisível Herói’, by Cristèle Alves Meira, are nominated for best fiction short film.

In the short documentary category, ‘Estes Mãos São Minhas’, by André Miguel Ferreira, ‘Kalani – Gift from Heaven’, by Nuno Dias, ‘Out There the Oranges Are Born’, by Nevena Desivojevic, and ‘Raposa’, were selected. by Leonor Noivo.

For Sophia with the best animation short there are nominated ‘Assim Mas Sem Não Assim’, by Pedro Brito, ‘Equinox’, by Bruno Carnide, ‘Maré’, by Joana Rosa Bragança, and ‘Tio Tomás, A Contabilidade dos Dias’, by Regina Pessoa.

Also noteworthy is the nomination, posthumously, of the musician and composer José Mário Branco, for Sophia as the best original soundtrack for the music for the film ‘A Portuguesa’, by Rita Azevedo Gomes.

In this category are also named Armando Teixeira (‘Variations’), Manuel Cruz (‘Sadness and Joy in the Life of Giraffes’) and The Legendary Tigerman (‘Caminhos Magnétykos’).

The song ‘Coro Menor’, by José Mário Branco, for a poem by Charles D’Orléans, performed by Ingrid Caven for that film by Rita Azevedo Gomes, is also nominated for Sophia in the category of best song.

This year, the career award will be given to directors Alfredo Tropa, António-Pedro Vasconcelos and Fernando Matos Silva.

Today, in the revelation of the Sophia nominees, the Portuguese Cinema Academy has already announced three other prizes related to cinema: The book ‘Leitão de Barros: A Biografía Roubada’, by Joana Leitão Barros and Ana Mantero, won the Arte & Técnica prize, Pedro Ribeiro won the prize for best ‘trailer’ for the film ‘Variações’, and Catarina Sampaio, the best poster for the film ‘A Herdade’.

The Sophia awards ceremony will take place on March 22 at Casino do Estoril, Cascais.

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