Various voices to say, Shakespeare

Amarelo Silvestre is looking for actors to join a show where a chorus of voices and bodies, consisting of three professional actors and 15 non-professional actors from Nelas, will say “The Merchant of Venice”.

Amarelo Silvestre announces the realization of auditions of actors/actresses for ”1/2 kg of meat”, a show staged by Rafaela Santos and dramaturgy by Fernando Giestas, from “The Merchant of Venice”, by Shakespeare. All information for the hearings, which is open until March 2, can be obtained on a registration form available here.

1/2 kg of meat” is presented as “a body of voices that says the text in one voice, in several voices, in all voices. A chorus that dances, that cries, that laughs, that disintegrates for a moment, whose elements leave the scene to leave only one body on stage, whose elements come into a physical confrontation. A theatre body. On stage. Or maybe not.”

The project started with Amarelo Silvestre’s intention to contribute to the practice of reading theatre (in particular, the texts of the classical repertoire) in the territorial context where it is integrated. The desire to continue to address issues such as Justice and Identity, linking word and body, led to the choice of the text “The Merchant of Venice”.

With its premiere scheduled for June, “1/2 kg of meat” will be presented in the seven parishes of the Municipality of Nelas, “in different, more or less conventional places: the stage of a theatre, or of a cultural and recreational association hall, or a monument, emblematic buildings, ruins, spaces that are in need of bodies to inhabit them ”.

Over the course of four months, the cast will be guided by Ana Celeste (voice), Ricardo Baptista (music) and Yola Pinto (movement), to whom they join, for the creation of ”1/2 kg of meat”, Rafaela Mapril ( costumes) and Carolina Reis (set design).

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