Vasco Ribeiro destaca-se no mar desafiante do Cabedelo

Liga MEO Surf

This Saturday, Deola Lola brought its effects to Praia do Cabedelo, offering challenging waves for the second day of Allianz Figueira Pro, the second leg of the Liga MEO Surf 2021. A day dedicated only to the second men’s round, where the main names of national surf were in the spotlight, especially the four-time national champion Vasco Ribeiro.

– Vasco made the best wave and the best score of the championship;
– Afonso Antunes continued to defend yellow lycra;
– Tomás Fernandes, Francisco Alves and Guilherme Fonseca also in the spotlight;
– Call for the final day scheduled for 7:30 am.

Vasco used the powerful surf that is characteristic of him to win a superheat, in which he shared the lineup with Miguel Blanco, Kiron Jabour and Martim Paulino. In addition to winning, Vasco Ribeiro also managed the best wave of the day, with 8.25 points, and the best score, with 14.25 points. A clear candidacy for the triumph in this stage and a serious warning to the leadership of the national ranking, by Afonso Antunes.

However, in the previous heat, Antunes had also been in good shape, in one of the best heats of the day. The yellow lyric of the MEO Surf League added 13 points, leaving Francisco Alves in 2nd place, with 12 points. A solid triumph towards round 3, where in the next phase will face Tomás Fernandes, another of the highlights of this day, Miguel Matos and João Moreira. At stake is the move to the quarter-finals man-on-man.

Another highlight of the day was the manoeuvre starring Guilherme Fonseca in heat 2, with a brave attack on a junction on the outside. A manoeuvre awarded with 7 points and that allowed Guilherme to win the battery, heading to the next round. Tomás Fernandes, who scored 12.65 points to win heat 3, was also in evidence, showing himself in shape and connected with the waves of Cabedelo.

Jácome Correia, Diogo Martins, João Kopke and Guilherme Ribeiro were the winners of the remaining heats of the day. Reference also to Miguel Matos, Daniel Nóbrega and Martim Nunes, three new generation surfers, who also managed to move forward in the competition. Conversely, the elimination of Gony Zubizarreta, a major highlight of the inaugural day, was the biggest surprise of the day, right in the first heat.

With about 9 hours of competition ahead, the call for the final day of Allianz Figueira Pro is scheduled for 7:30 am, for a possible start at 8 am. With the sea lining up for this Sunday, an exciting journey is expected to meet this second leg of the MEO Surf League champions.

Schedule for Sunday:
07H30 – Call the third day of competition
16:30 – Male and female Go Chill Expression Session
5:30 pm – Allianz Figueira Pro Finals
6:30 pm – Allianz Figueira Pro Awards Ceremony

At the television level, bearing in mind the public ban under legal terms, Allianz Figueira Pro can be followed from home live on Sport TV, as well as in the other official media: MEO’s Facebook, in position 810 of the MEO channel grid, at and social networks at @ansurfistas.

The Liga MEO Surf is the 1st division of the modality, being Surf an individual sport in the open air without physical contact and considered of low risk by DGS, for it meets all the requirements that allow its return in the competitive plane.

Liga MEO Surf 2021 is an organization of the National Surfers Association and Fire !, sponsored by MEO, Allianz Portugal, Bom Petisco, Go Chill (official cafe), Joaquim Chaves Saúde, Rip Curl and Ericeira Surf and Skate, the sustainability partner Jerónimo Martins, local support from the Municipality of Figueira da Foz, and technical support from the Figueira da Foz Surfing Association and the Portuguese Surfing Federation.

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